Educational Apps for Kids

About Us

RatCat Software is a small software development company formed in early 2009 by Ted and Tanya Moroz. Ted a technology manager who has a passion for his children and a love of computer programming. Tanya, a preschool teacher, is a tech savvy mom who is always looking for ways to incorporate learning into everyday activities. Together we have four children who are often referred to as the “testing crew” in our blog posts.

The company goal is simple, design and develop applications and games for  that are fun and educational.  If the applications pass the test of our kids, then we will pass them along to you at the apple apps store.

A common question we are asked is what’s with the name RatCat? Well RatCat is a name our oldest daughter or my wife (not really sure exactly who) started calling a silly little gray and white tabby cat that we had when he was just a kitten.  Although not his real name, which was Gigi (pronounced GEE GEE),  it stuck with him his entire life. Do to some health issues, Gigi passed away this past April. So, now RatCat becomes more of a tribute to a perky family friendly cat who’s memory lives on in our household and in our business! RIP Gigi, you are missed!