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My Spelling List

My Spelling List is a fully customizable and interactive way to help your child improve their spelling test scores and study for the spelling bee.

You begin by creating custom spelling lists and recording* words. Recordings of sentences can be added to go along with sound alike words (homonyms) like weather and whether.

Spelling lists can be shared to other My Spelling List users with email.

  •  "Makes learning my spelling list easy and fun!" - Malory - 5th grade student
  • "It's so much fun to hear my own voice!" - Michael - 3rd grade student
  • "I take a test and email the results to my teacher, how cool is that!" - Adam - 5th grade student


You child can begin to memorize their list by using the “Listen & Learn” and the “Word Flash” flash card based activities.


There are three games to help make learning fun. The “Matching Game” is similar to a traditional memory game and utilizes spelling words. The “Missing Letter” activity helps prepare for a spelling test by presenting each word with a single missing letter. The “Word Scramble” activity is fun way learn as letters are slide into proper order to create a word!


The spelling test activity has two modes to allow you to customize the test to match individual learning styles. The interactive mode lets your child know how they are doing as they take the test. In the non-interactive mode, results are made available at the end of the test. When a test is completed there is an option to just retake missed words, or to retake the entire test. Results can also be printed out or emailed to a parent or teacher.

*This is an interactive app and requires the use of a microphone to record words and sentences!