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WordFlash update now iTunes approved!

RatCat Software got the approval email from iTunes tonight. All 5 versions of WordFlash have now been released with the latest enhancements! The updated app indicator should soon start appearing for all of you who have downloaded a previous version. With the new feature now active, when the “annouce words” is set to off, the […]

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Updated our subscription options

This morning I added Feedburner to our blog. This service from Google allows us to provide RSS and Email subscriptions of our updates.  This way, if my sister wants to read the blog via her Google reader, she’s covered, and if my Mom wants to see whats up, she can subscribe to the email notifications  […]

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Attempting to learn more about our sites visitors

Not sure why I didn’t know this right from the start, but it hit me like a bolt of lightening today… We need to understand who is viewing our web site and why. From what I can tell Google Analytics can help us learn more about where our visitors come from and what they do […]

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