Meghan’s Games Word Lists

Meghan’s Games provide your child with a head start at learning new words.
Each list is designed to match their reading level and ability and to help develop their sight word recognition.

Listed are the words utilized by Meghan’s  Games.

Preschool Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade
a age add across about
all all after after actor
am and again alarm agree
an as any always airplane
and ask apart angry airport
are ate apple animal alike
as baby arm around almost
ask bake baby aunt alone
at ball bake away along
bad band banana bait aloud
bag bask bang ball already
bar bay bark balloon army
bat bee beat band ate
be beef been bang awake
bed beep being barn awhile
bee beet belt bath bare
beg bell bent bead baseball
bid bent best beam beat
big best bike bean become
bit bike bill because bedtime
box bird bird bedroom beef
bug boat birth been beet
bun bold black before began
bus bone blew believe begin
but book block bend bench
by bow blue best bent
bye bowl bone better berry
can boy book between better
cap bump born blast birthday
car bus brag blaze bless
cat by bring blend boil
cow cage brook blimp bought
cub cake brother blink boy
cup call brown blow brand
cut car bush boat brass
dad cat came boot bring
dam cold cane both bringing
den cone card brag brush
did cook cart brand build
dig cow case bread built
dip crow chain brick burn
dot cry chair bride bury
dry cube chalk bright bushes
dug dad chat bring bushy
egg damp chin broom butter
fan date chop brother cannot
far day clam bunch carry
fig deep clan busy cast
fin deer clap buy cave
fit dent class call cent
fox die claw camp cherries
fun dike clay cannot cherry
gag dog clean carry chess
get doll cloud cash chest
go dry clover caught chili
got duck club center choose
gut dump coat charge churn
had dust come chess clean
ham eat cook chest cobweb
he fake cool chicken coil
hen fall corn child could
her fate could children cracker
hi feet cram choke crazy
hid fell crayon chore cure
hip find crew clapped curl
his five crib clash cut
hit fold crow clean daytime
hop fork crowd clear dinner
hot four crown click done
how fray cube clock dozen
hug frog dark cold draw
hut fry deal Cookie drink
if game desk could dwell
in gate dew count early
is get dime crank earn
it girl dine crawl eggnog
jam got dirt crook eight
jar gray doll cross elbow
jet gust door crow elsewhere
job had draw dash employ
keg hall dress dear enjoy
kit hand drink deep face
led hate drop deer fall
leg have dull desk far
let hay each die fault
lip heat east dirt fill
mad her easy dish fired
man her eight dock fireman
map here eleven doctor fit
mat hide end does flavor
me hike every downtown flow
men him fang dream fray
met hind farther dress frost
mit his fast drip fulfill
mob hoe father drive full
mom hold fell drop gate
mop home few drove gift
mug how field drum glove
my hump fill duck glue
nap if fine dump goldfish
net in first dust goose
not is flag dye got
now it flat every grabbed
nut jeep flew everyone grain
one kind flower everywhere greet
or lake fog eye grow
ox lamp fool family guild
pad land foot fast guilt
pan late fort father hair
pat law free fed haircut
peg lawn fresh feed half
pen lent from fight halfway
pet lie game finch hang
pig like gang first hare
pin lion gave fish hobbies
pit low gift five hobby
pop lump girl flake hold
pot make give flap holiday
pox mall glad flash hot
pup mask going flaw huge
rag mate golf fleet hunt
ram may gone flesh hurry
ran meat grape flight hurt
rat meet grass flop if
red mind gray flung its
rid mine green food itself
rob mold grew found jellyfish
rot mom grit friend join
rub mow gull frog jolly
rug must had front joy
run now hand give keep
rut one hang glass kidnap
sad ours happy globe kind
sap page hard gloss ladybug
sat paw harm goat large
see paw has goes later
set pay have goose laugh
she peep heat grade light
sip pest heavy grand long
sit pie help grandfather loss
so pike here grandmother lung
sob plane hide grape mailbox
sun play hill grass mare
tag pond hint green mark
tan pray home grin milking
tap pump hope grind mopped
tar rage horn grow mouse
ten rate how happy mouth
three raw hush heard move
tip ray inside hook much
top rest into horse munch
tub ride jaw house myself
tug room joke hush never
two rust juice jail none
up said jump jam noontime
us saw just jump number
van say keep kick oatmeal
wag seat king kind only
we six kite kiss own
wet sold know kitten pail
wig spoon lake lean pale
win stamp last leave pancake
yam stow late light past
stray like limp pear
take lime lion pest
tall line list pick
task live live pinch
tent look loaf pint
test love lock pitch
them luck long please
there made lost point
they maid loud popcorn
three make lump pound
tie many lunch pray
toe map lunchroom pretty
told mask made price
took may many prize
tow meal maybe pure
toy meat meal pushes
train meet mean queen
truck men mess queer
try mice met quick
tube milk might quicksand
two mine minus quiet
wall mint mitt quilt
way mix mitten quit
well moon mother rainstorm
west more myself rent
wide morning night role
with mother nobody round
wow much notebook scarecrow
zoo mule notes scarf
must number search
nail our seven
name out shall
neat outside should
neck owl show
nest pack six
never pail slight
new pain small
next parent soft
nine park someone
noon path somewhere
nose pen sought
note person sow
now piece spelling
odd pine spend
of planet spent
old plate squirt
once plot start
open plum stepped
orange plus stopped
other pond strain
over pool stray
pain prime stream
pants pull street
part push strike
pave rabbit studies
pear raise study
pen rake sugar
pencil reach sunny
pets read sure
pick rest surely
pink rich sweet
plan right talk
plant robin taught
play rock tear
plod row tearful
poor rude ten
pretty rust thirst
print sack throne
punch said throw
purple sail thrown
put sailboat tipped
rain sand today
rang says together
rank scale toothpaste
read screw toy
ride sea try
river seal turn
road seam twig
rock second underdog
rode seem visiting
room seen voice
rope send volleyball
round sent walk
rub shame warm
rubber shape whatever
sail share when
sale shark whose
same sharp wire
sank sheep wood
save shock word
see shook work
seed shore worker
seen short worm
seep shut worry
sell sight worth
send silly wrench
seven sing write
shake sister wrong
shall slam young
shape slant yourself
ship sleek zipped
shirt sleep
shoes sleet
shop slice
show slick
shut slid
sick slide
side slip
sink slot
sister smart
six snack
size sneer
sled soap
sleep song
slip soon
slow sound
smell south
snail space
snap spark
snore speak
snow speech
snug speed
soda spin
sofa spoke
sold spoon
some spot
soon spy
spit stack
star stain
start stamp
stay state
step steep
stew stick
still stone
stir stood
stone store
stool straw
stop stuck
stove summer
straw swine
string teach
such tell
summer their
sun these
swing those
table thrift
tail throb
take tiger
tale tight
tank tip
team toad
tell toast
ten ton
tent tooth
test tow
thank town
their trade
them trail
then tramp
there tray
these treat
they tribe
thick trick
thing trim
think trip
third truth
this tug
those tune
time twelve
today twist
took uncle
train under
tree upon
trip use
truck vase
trust very
try wait
twelve warm
under was
upon wash
use water
very weak
vote week
wait went
walk were
want whale
was what
water wheel
well where
were which
west while
when who
which why
white wide
who wind
will winter
wing wish
winter wool
with work
woman would
women yard
yell yellow
zero yesterday
zone yet