Soccer Mom Score Keeper

We have been working on a new app! This one is called Soccer Mom Score Keeper. It’s a simple way to keep track of the score of your kid’s soccer game. Watching our kids play, we have found that we can completely lose track of the game. With Soccer Mom Score Keeper, you can keep track of the time and the score. We even set it up to post game scores to Facebook, Twitter or just send a text message to your family when the game is over. It should be in the app store in a few weeks! Here is a sneak peak of the initial design, but this might change a bit as we finish up. Malory (our current family soccer player) created the background.


About the Author: Ted Moroz

A believer, dreamer, husband, dad and mac guy who is an iOS and Xojo developer that is navigating the ins & outs of running a software and consulting business.