Meghan’s Matching Game on iPad.. issue with sound?

No Sound!
So I got a new 2nd Generation iPad the other day and installed Meghan’s Matching Game Deluxe onto it to test things out with the latest hardware. Not really expecting to find any issue, but wouldn’t you know, right off the bat… NO SOUND!

After a little application debugging and then some goggling to see if any other developers are having similar issues, it turns out its a iOS 4.3 issue. There is a little trick to fix it I found that one developer posted and it worked for me, Go into the “Settings App”, then choose General. Tap Sounds, then make sure that “Change with Buttons” is set to “ON”. Not sure why, but this will fix the issue.

Please submit a support request if you have come across this same issue, I am trying to determine if my own issue is a one off, or if this is wide spreed.

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