Our first iPad game now available on iTunes!

Meghan’s Matching Game Deluxe for both iPhone and iPad is designed to teach the reading, spelling and recognition of the most common words your child will come across in daily reading activities. As cards are selected the word is reveled and spoken aloud. The idea behind the game is for the player to remember the position of the cards that have been revealed on previous turns. It is a great game to develop attention, learn new words or just to keep your mind sharp. The deluxe version contains the Pre-School, Kindergarten, First, Second and Third Grade word lists.

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As the game begins the player is instructed to find the matching pairs of cards until the board is cleared. To develop reading skills, as each card is selected a real voice announces the word. As a match is made Meghan praises the great effort with phrase like “Good Job” and “Awesome”. When the board is cleared a surprising splash screen is displayed with sounds of children cheering and some more praises from Meghan. The second level fills the screen with additional cards and the game concludes when the player completes the matches.

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