Comments on comments and an upadate to WordFlash!

Got a good comment the other day and I was so impressed I took the time tonight to add mudixon’s suggestion to WordFlash. Here is the comment as I found it listed on 2nd grade app.

Could use one feature
by mudixon – Version 1.3.1 – May 15, 2010
This app is okay for what it does, but it would be better if you could turn off the word announce BUT allow the child to press a button to say the word if they are unsure of it. As of this review, the word announce is either on or off.

I thought that was fantastic! A review that is useful and intelligent with a valid suggestion that is meaningful and worth taking action on.

Recently I have found myself in many conversations regarding comments and ratings of iTunes apps. I always try to explain to people why they are basically useless. So many of the comments that are seen in iTunes are negative rants that add up to basically nothing informative. Cost’s too much, not enough features, to easy, yata yata yata… Well folks what do you really expect for a product that cost less then an average cup of coffee? 2 dollars for an application that may have taken me several weeks to develop seems to me to be a fair deal to me, given that most apps do not hit the charts and do not score the 100,000’s of downloads that make the headlines. Who says you have to buy our apps anyway? It’s your choice, just like that cup of joe, or a couple of cans of pop. Yet, after spending that buck or too, people feel totally and completely compelled to tear down the developer, the app or anything else they can wrap words around.  Not fair given the fact that we have no way to directly respond to the reviewer.

Anyway, enough with my little editorial. Hope you like the new feature.

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