RatCat Software begins development for Android

androidsIn an effort to extend our market reach, RatCat Software is please to announce that we have joined the Android Developer Market and begun the process of porting our MyFirefighter application over to the Googles Android OS.

The MyFirefighter app has been a huge Apple Iphone success and listed in the top 50 in France and Germany, the top 100 in Austria and Canada and the top 200 in the United Kingdom and the United States since its launch.

The Android Market offers quick, easy access to a wide variety of applications developed specifically for the Android platform. These have been created by developers all around the world, and are rated Android users.

It will be interesting to see how well myFirefigher performs on Android. We plan to study the results for a period of time before moving on with any other development work on the platform.

About the Author: Ted Moroz

A believer, dreamer, husband, dad and mac guy who is an iOS and Xojo developer that is navigating the ins & outs of running a software and consulting business.